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FBI: Kim Jong Un’s accomplices stole $600 million

FBI: Kim Jong Un’s accomplices stole $600 million

According to the FBI, hackers with North Korean ties to leader Kim Jong Un accessed more than $600 million worth of cryptocurrency in a cyber coup.

The hackers are said to have close ties to the North Korean regime and its hard-line leaders Kim Jong-un The FBI accused him of stealing more than $600 million in cryptocurrency from a video game company.

The crypto giant shock occurred last month and is one of a series of large-scale cyber coups recently linked to North Korea, according to reports. CNN.

“Through our investigation, we can confirm that Lazarus Group and APT38, cyber actors associated with North Korea, were responsible for the theft of $620 million in Ethereum on March 29,” the FBI said in a statement Thursday.

UN: Cyber ​​attacks an important source of revenue for North Korea

Yesterday, the US Treasury also imposed sanctions on the identified hacker group, which is believed to be working for the North Korean government, according to CNN.

CNN reported, referring to the United Nations and Internet experts, that hacker attacks have been an important source of income for the Kim Jong Un regime in North Korea for several years as the country plans to build a powerful nuclear arsenal.

Meanwhile, a hacker group now accused, Lazarus Group, has been reported as stealing $1.75 billion in cryptocurrency in recent years.

While many cybercrime security analysts have focused on Russian hacker groups, North Korean hackers have pushed their sites forward and operated in silence.

According to the article, researchers at Google revealed last month that at least two hacking attacks were orchestrated and targeted US media and IT organizations as well as cryptocurrency and financial sectors.

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