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Former New York governor accused of sexual harassment

CNN reported that former New York state governor Andrew Cuomo was indicted on Thursday. The governor resigned in August after being accused of sexual harassment.

In a statement, Cuomo’s attorney Rita Galvin denied the allegations and questioned the mayor’s impartiality.

Governor Cuomo has never harassed anyone. Sheriff’s motive is clearly inappropriate, says Glavin.

For CNN, the mayor responds to the attorney’s plea: “We get paid to protect and help people, and that’s exactly what we do.”

Risks of imprisonment for a year

In early August, an investigation was published describing repeated incidents of alleged sexual harassment. Then 11 women testified about unwelcome ways, stabbing and sexual innuendos from Cuomo, and one of the women reported him to the police.

White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki described sexual harassment in the report as “reprehensible.” Shortly thereafter, President Joe Biden also spoke.

“I think he should resign,” Biden said at a news conference.

One week after the investigation was published, Cuomo resigned. He has repeatedly denied allegations of sexual harassment, although he has admitted to making mistakes. He described it in his resignation letter as “very familiar” with the people. However, he insisted that the more serious allegations were untrue.

If the former governor is convicted, he risks a year in prison.

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New York Governor Andrew Cuomo resigned in August. You hear his resignation letter in the clip. Photo: Richard Drew