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Hackers invented a valid passport for “Adolf Hitler”

Digital covid passes made in each EU country generate a QR code which can then be read by authorities in all 27 EU countries. The COVID passport then shows your personal information and information about when you received your COVID-19 vaccine doses.

The hacker on an online forum must have now been able to create his own valid digital passports and QR codes associated with any name made up.

According to The Irish Times, a Dutch TV channel interviewed a hacker who sold covidpass online. Then he showed up when he created a fake passport for “Adolf Hitler” born January 1, 1900. Although the former Nazi dictator had no birthdate and could not have received two doses of the coronavirus vaccine, the code proved to work.

According to the newspaper, it has so far only been able to produce valid QR codes for covid passports that appear to have been issued in France and Poland. However, passports can be used in all EU countries.

Authorities in the Netherlands have confirmed that QR codes work and have stated that this could mean that digital security keys from France and Poland may have been stolen.

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