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FBI raid on Trump | Radio Reporters Live 2022 August 21, 2022 – USApodden

During the FBI raid of Trump’s residence in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, they took with them a large number of classified documents that, according to the Federal Police, could not be removed from the White House. Trump is now under investigation for espionage crimes, among other things. Trump claims that he himself declassified the documents. What was behind the decision to carry out the raid and what did the FBI find?

FBI assassination

Trump reacted strongly to the raid, which he said was politically motivated and an attack on him by the Democratic-controlled Department of Justice to prevent him from running in the next presidential election. He has included his supporters and large parts of the Republican Party in his criticism. The tone has been raised to say the least, threats against the FBI have increased on social media and many people have moved from words to deeds. In Ohio, a gunman attempted to break into the FBI office in Cincinnati, and was shot dead by police.

Climate Package Inflation Reduction Act

The Senate vote through Joe Biden’s climate package is his biggest success during the mandate period. In addition to containing climate initiatives Inflation Reduction Act Including the protection of high-cost medicines and health insurance support. It should be financed by a tax on large corporate profits and a tax on companies that buy back their shares.

Three months before the midterm elections, primaries are now taking place in Alaska and Wyoming.

This episode of USApodden was recorded live at Kulturhuset in Stockholm during the event”Understand the World – Meet Radio Reporters“, Tuesday, August 16 at 20.55.

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Cecilia Khaffer (Washington), Roger Wilson

(San Francisco) and commentator Gina Lindberg, USA.

Program Director: Sarah Stenholm.