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The new building in Berlin where only lesbians can live

The new building in Berlin where only lesbians can live

The building in the center of Berlin, next to the town hall in the Mitte district, has been planned for about ten years. In October 2025, the old car park will be replaced by an apartment building where only lesbians can live.

In total, there will be eight floors with 72 apartments that will be rented out through the Rad und Tat Frauenkultur initiative, reports the newspaper. Build. The project hopes to become a model for other European initiatives.

– As a flagship project in Europe, the planned Lesbian Housing Project and Queer Culture Center represent a vision of gay, lesbian and gender justice, says Jutta Brambach, CEO of Rad und Tat, in a press release.

Put an end to the colors of the rainbow

The construction company Wohnungsbaugesellschaft Mitte wrote in a press release that in the new building, queer and lesbian women should be able to “live a good life and enjoy getting old” in an environment free of discrimination. The building will also house a live café, counseling rooms and event premises.

However, the local authorities did not approve of all the wishes. For example, it was not allowed to paint the house in purple or rainbow colors. It “doesn’t fit in with the surroundings,” Bild writes.

It should be cheap, though. From SEK 78 per square metre, thanks to government subsidies.

– We are proud to be able to support this project as a province, says the Social Democratic Building Consultant Ephraim Guth to the newspaper.

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