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Dehydrated woman in India in pursuit of her mobile phone – fined

Dehydrated woman in India in pursuit of her mobile phone – fined

The incident occurred when Indian official Rajesh Vishwas was on his way to take a selfie at Kharkata Dam in Chhattisgarh district. In regards to taking the picture, Vishwa directly dropped his phone in the water. The dam is part of an important water reservoir in the province.

But Rajesh Vishwas, who works as a food inspector, seems to be an enterprising man. At first he managed to bring the divers who had to search for the phone. As the divers searched in vain, he saw that the dam had been drained with water instead, BBC reports.

For several days, a diesel pump pumped thousands of liters of water from the tank. Rajesh Vishwas meant that the mobile phone contained sensitive government data and so he needed to get the phone. Eventually the phone was found, but it was too water damaged to use or even examine.

caused a stir

Finding the phone at any cost seems to be an expensive story for Rajesh Vishwas.

It turns out he didn’t have permission to drain the pool. He himself claims to have obtained verbal permission from the dam’s official to “pump some water into a nearby canal”. According to the Vishwas, this move will directly help nearby farmers to increase water availability.

But fellow civil servants seem to care little about Vishwa’s story and he has now, according to the BBC, been dismissed from his government job. It is also clear that he will have to pay a penalty for the exchange. For wasting 4.1 million liters of water, he must pay 10,000 rupees, which is equivalent to 1,300 crowns.

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The incident also caused an outcry across India which, like many other countries in the world, suffers from severe water shortages across the country during the hot summer months.

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