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Zelensky promises freedom in the birthday greeting

Zelensky promises freedom in the birthday greeting

He notes that many Ukrainians have to celebrate Christmas in other people’s homes this year and that you may hear classic carols in foreign languages.

– Many will face Christmas in captivity, but let them know that we will bring home everything we have, and we will give freedom to all Ukrainian men and women, says Zelensky.

Most Ukrainians are Orthodox Christians and celebrate Christmas on January 6th. But a growing number have turned to celebrating the holiday on December 24 instead, according to reports. BBC.

– We will celebrate our holidays! as always. We will laugh and be happy. as always. There is one thing different. We will not wait for a miracle to happen. After all, we can create our own miracles, Zelensky says.

Earlier on Christmas Eve, Zelensky shared images on social media depicting dead people and burning cars on the streets of Ukraine. “These images are likely to be labeled ‘sensitive content’ by the platforms. But this is not sensitive content, it is everyday life for Ukraine and Ukrainians,” he wrote.

According to the Ukrainian authorities, ten people were killed in Russian attacks on the city of Kherson on Christmas Eve. At least 68 were said to have been injured.

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