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Art by Anna Sorokin sold for 3.5 million

New York Post She writes that Russian-born artist Anna Sorokin can now make a living from her new career, selling the art after it opened in May for $340,000, roughly the equivalent of 3.5 million crowns.

The cost of buying an original drawing or painting by Anna Sorokin is around SEK 260,000, while a print of the work costs about SEK 2,600.

– It was so crazy. We have sold prints to 40 or 50 countries. It’s amazing how well her fans respond to everything she does, says gallery creator Chris Martin, owner of the Founders Arts Club, who helps Sorokin sell her work.

A print buyer It should, according to Martin, be “Saturday Night Live” actress Chloe Fineman, who satirically played Sorokin in a sketch on the show.

Most of the artworks are self-portraits promoting the image of Anna Sorokin as a luxurious con artist. One of which is called “Prowling in Prada” and is painted in acrylic paint, with depictions of Sorokin in an all-black costume and wearing sunglasses that look like a comic book villain’s mask.

For several years, Sorokin used the name Anna Delvey and pretended to be the rich daughter of a German diplomat. Her attempt to con New York society and claim she’s going to open an art center and start a foundation inspired Netflix’s “Inventing Anna,” one of the most-watched TV series of the year. She remains under house arrest in a New York apartment with her feet tied.

to me diverse The sale went, among other things, to pay Sorokin’s bail and three months’ rent.

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