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Winter Time Date 2023 – Then You Need to Change the Clock |  News

Winter Time Date 2023 – Then You Need to Change the Clock | News

When is winter time?

The time will change on the night of Sunday, October 29, specifically at 03:00.

Now that most things are automated on our mobile phones and smart devices, we no longer have to do much ourselves. But it’s easy to forget the clock in the car, the microphone, and the nice old clocks. There you can roll up your sleeves yourself and tune in (or simply wait until it’s summer time again).

Memory Base – Outdoor Furniture

Although the time change comes twice a year, many still manage to forget – should the clock be turned back or forward?

Then it is good to think about the classic memory rule regarding outdoor furniture.

When winter comes, we prepare behind One hour (groups behind outdoor furniture).

When summer time comes, we’re prepared straight ahead One hour (groups straight ahead outdoor furniture).

Winter time is good for the body

Lee Aslund is a sleep researcher and psychologist, and believes that the transition to winter time is a positive thing that illuminates life in the growing darkness.

The transition to winter is beneficial for the body. Winter time is more in line with our natural circadian rhythm and the body gets extra help sleeping in a more natural and environmentally friendly way.

Winter time in Sweden is actually our so-called normal time. Then the sun will be at its zenith at twelve o’clock.

The European Union wants to remove the time change

Politicians in Sweden and the European Union have long talked about scrapping the time change, but have yet to make a decision. The European Commission has come up with proposals for repeal, which the European Parliament also supports.

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It is the EU Council of Ministers that has not yet taken a position, resulting in no decision being taken at EU level. The Swedish government has also not taken a position on canceling the time change and which time in this case is considered normal time, summer or winter.

Looks like we’ll have to turn the clock back and forth for a while longer.

Daylight saving time in Sweden

■ Since 1980, we move the clock forward one hour at 02:00 on the last Sunday in March, and move it back one hour on the last Sunday in October.

■ We have had winter time in Sweden since 1879. Before that we had local time in different parts of the country. It is possible to distinguish for up to half an hour between the eastern and western parts of the country.

■ The introduction of standard time coincided with another major change – railways. Travel made it complicated because there were so many different schedules.

■ Since 1996, the European Union has shared daylight saving time. For all EU countries, it applies from the last Sunday in March to the last Sunday in October.

■ The system is used in most parts of Europe, but not in Iceland. Daylight saving time is also used in the majority of US states and in various parts of South America. Most parts of Africa and Asia only have it once throughout the year.

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