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FEN MMA.  "Borovsky behaves like a pig".  A short round at the press conference

FEN MMA. “Borovsky behaves like a pig”. A short round at the press conference

On May 28, at FEN 34, Pave “Trypson” Trybana and Sukas “Boros” Borovsky will face off in an evening fight. During Sunday’s conference, there was a pig’s head on the table.

Pyotr Bopakovsky

FEN 34 Press Conference

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On Friday (May 28), Fight Exclusive Night 34 Exhibition will be held in Warsaw. At the press conference, the two contestants avoided strong words to each other.

– From the beginning I said over and over again that “Boros” was a tough player to accept, but I was not afraid of him. I will show for the second time that I am the best. It’s time to finally explain it – “Trypson” announced. “You have no success, you will not even knock out an eighth grader,” Borowski replied.

The conference program was stolen by Mirosva Oknewski, who is assisting the tribunal to prepare for a review against “Boros”. The referee stopped the first fight in the second round after the “Trypson” opponent suffered an ear injury.

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– Borovsky acts like a pig, which is why I brought him the head of a pig. If his other ear falls off, he can sew an implant. Borovsky’s jaw will break like a mirror – said the famous MMA coach.

Emotions reached their peak during the traditional “face to face”. The heroes of FEN 34 matched the head, it was so hot. Transfer from FEN 34: TotalBed Fight Night is available in PPV setting for PLN29.

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