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Arsenal - Brighton: Consolation win, no Arsenal Cup.  Premier League

Arsenal – Brighton: Consolation win, no Arsenal Cup. Premier League

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Before the game, Tottenham were seventh, giving them a game in the European Conference League. The Roosters had 59 points, which equals Everton. Arsenal were one point short. The shooters in that line were against Brighton, Everton against Manchester City and Tottenham against Leicester. The match between West Ham and Southampton was also important for the arrangement of the table.

Arsenal tried to attack from the start, but it didn’t come out much. The Gunners even hit the net once, but offside. Their best chance in the first half was in the 44th minute, but Emily Smith Rowe sent the ball into the post.

Four minutes after turning the pages, Time Chambers found Nicola Pepe in the penalty area and he opened the scoring. In the 61st minute, Martin Odegord found Pepe. The Arsenal player entered the sniper list for the second time with a good shot. In the end, the result did not change, with Arsenal winning 2-0. However, this was not enough to advance to the trophies as Tottenham won their match, beating Leicester City.

Manchester City took the lead in the 11th minute against Everton. Riyadh Mahrez was built with Kevin de Bruyne opening the scoring with a corner shot. Three minutes later, Gabriel Jesus decided to take a shot and beat Jordan Pickford. Everton could have scored a contact, but Gilfi Sigurdsson missed a penalty in the 36th minute.

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In the 53rd minute, Bill Fotten caught the ball from the penalty area and increased the score to 3: 0 with a flat shot. About twenty minutes later, Sergio Aguero performed better, surpassed his rivals and entered the list of shooters. He scored another goal in the 77th minute after a header. In the end, Manchester City won 5-0.

West Ham wanted a slight promotion to the trophies, taking the lead after a shot from Pablo Fornals in the 30th minute of the match against Southampton. Three minutes later, Vladimir Kaufel joined the scorers for the second time. Declan Rice also hit the net in the 87th minute. In the end, West Ham won 3-0 and will play in the Europa League.