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Ferrari Purosangue: First Photos Leaked & Revealed

Ferrari Purosangue: First Photos Leaked & Revealed

For the first time, photos The Authentic Ferrari in discoverWithout any disguise. One shows the torso and the other, the back sector, so they allow almost 100 percent knowledge of the design SUV primer In the history of the legendary Italian brand.

With this model, the Maranello-based automaker would win new fans and detractors, just as it did with Lamborghini when it launched the Urus, the SUV that later became an admirable success.

The Purosangue will be something like an SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle), although the Italian company’s former CEO, Louis Carey Camilleri, announced some time ago that He doesn’t want to “hear that word in the same Ferrari sentence”. By “that word,” in case you don’t understand, he means SUVs.

Its production date has been confirmed for the beginning of this year, although it will have to wait until next year for it to reach dealers in the most important markets in the world. Argentina can arrive exclusively on order, as is the case with all models of this brand today.

What will Ferrari Borosangoy look like?

Ferrari expected it It will have a hybrid drive.. There will be an internal combustion engine on the front axle and an electric motor at the rear.

It will have four-wheel drive, New suspension, dual-clutch automatic transmission And indoor space for four people. In addition, the pony boasts that it will come with a low center of gravity and aerodynamics designed to reach high speeds.

The new Ferrari SUV, without camouflage.
The new Ferrari SUV, without camouflage.

For Ferrari, entry into the new segment will translate into higher profits. From Purosangue will be manufactured naGives less than 10,000 units per year. Michael LettersFerrari technical director, in front of the media Fitness Trainer That the product will distinguish before and after: “It’s a different concept than today’s SUV”. It will hit the streets in 2022.

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Competitors of this model will be Aston Martin DBXAnd the Bentley BentaygaAnd the Lamborghini UrusAnd the Maserati LevanteAnd the Cayenne Porsche And the Rolls Royce Cullinan. Years ago, it was impossible to imagine that all of these luxury automakers would be interested in the SUV segment; This means that it is “trucks”.

The engine has not been confirmed, but it is estimated that the engine of choice could be the V6 hybrid that Ferrari is testing.

Months ago, the first pictures appeared during the testing phase in Europe, showing the “truck” rolling outside the Maranello plant, where it will be manufactured for the whole world.