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FHM: There are no plans for special measures for travelers from China

FHM: There are no plans for special measures for travelers from China

Right now, one of the largest outbreaks of coronavirus is going on in China since the pandemic began. According to a British research analysis, maybe soon One million people are infected daily And 5,000 people die every day as a result of the virus.

Italy announced this week that it is making mandatory tests for all people who have traveled from China, and a US health department source said the US is introducing a requirement for negative tests for all people who travel from China.

But there are currently no similar plans in Sweden, says the Public Health Agency.

– Our assessment is that there is currently no need to introduce measures for travelers from China, says Public Health Agency Division Chief Sarah Bayforce.

It won’t have any effect

According to her, it was assessed that similar measures would not have any significant effect here, since the prevalence of infection in Sweden and Europe is high. At the same time, the rate of vaccination and immunity is rising in Sweden.

– It’s been over a year since a completely new type of virus arrived. Byfors says that something radically different will come from China isn’t very likely right now.

She adds that they follow developments in China and the rest of the world carefully and have an ongoing dialogue with the government.

We have general recommendations to get vaccinated and not to travel here if you have symptoms of COVID-19.

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Right now, China is battling perhaps the largest outbreak of the COVID-19 virus in the country’s history. SVT’s Asia correspondent is on site and tells us how things are going now. picture: Alex Blavevsky/TT, SVT