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The National Guard is knocking on doors in Buffalo — looking for the dead

A driving ban issued during the devastating snowstorm in Buffalo, New York, is expected to be lifted early Thursday. The temperature rose and the snow stopped.

And the National Guard, Wednesday, knocked on the city gates.

– We fear that there will be people who have died and are living alone or people who are not in good health, says Mark Poloncars, the council president in Erie County where Buffalo is the capital, with a population of 275,000.

25 National Guard task forces toured the city and checked whether residents needed food, water or medicine.

At least 37 people He died in Buffalo during the storm. In total, at least 61 people have been confirmed dead in the storm-hit areas of North America.

A young woman has died after her car got stuck in the snow on her way home from work. An elderly woman died when her oxygen machine stopped working when the power went out and there were no emergency personnel.

Her son told The Buffalo News she said she couldn’t walk anymore.

– She fell into my arms and did not say anything else, he told the newspaper.

West Buffalo, on the Canadian side of Lake Erie, is at the same time unusual weather phenomenon I have seen. Homes along the Great Lake are completely or partially covered in ice. The phenomenon arose when freezing storms over the Christmas weekend caused waves several meters high over homes. When the water hit the buildings, it instantly froze into ice and stuck to it.

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