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Victor Malm based on Andrew Tate 2.0: ‘There’s no end’

Victor Malm based on Andrew Tate 2.0: ‘There’s no end’

Andrew Tate Har It quickly became a profession on social media and has gained millions of followers. The British-American influencer has been described as misogynistic and known for spreading misinformation. Despite this, there are plenty of people who buy into the message, says Expressen Head of Culture Victor Malm.

—Andrew Tate Addresses men who feel frustrated with modern society, men who feel lonely, disenfranchised, or lost. He offers a solution to be able to have the life he lives. It’s classic self-help but very charismatic, he says.

Victor Malm believes that the lack of liberalization in social media means that it has become free to publish controversial content widely.

Social media, just as the public has always done, will reward the most controversial, what makes people angry, upset, happy and makes people want to fight back, but social media does it in a more powerful way than ever.

– I think we will have to live with the fact that those who say the craziest, stupidest, most controversial and most terrible things will get the most attention, this is the media mechanism with which we are currently working.

About Upcoming legal process in Romania It could mean the end of Andrew Tate’s social media lead is still unclear, according to Victor Malm.

– but this certainly does not mean the end of the archetype that he represents. I don’t think there’s an end to it as long as we live with Tik Tok and Twitter and Facebook and Youtube, because those platforms will continue to generate these kinds of controversial personalities. In a couple of years we might be talking about Andrew Tate 2.0, which is the same in every way but worse.

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