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North Korean leader Kim Jong Un: We will make more nuclear weapons

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un: We will make more nuclear weapons

North Korean state media reported that Kim Jong Un, who was speaking during the ruling Workers’ Party congress in Pyongyang, called for a radical buildup of the country’s military power to protect its national interests as the United States and its allies do more. Military pressure on North Korea.

Kim Jong Un said the country’s production of nuclear warheads should increase “significantly” and it should build a more powerful intercontinental ballistic missile.

He also said that North Korea will soon launch its first military spy satellite.

Launch the bot

The information about Kim Jong Un’s speech comes just hours after North Korea ushered in the New Year by launching a robot into the Sea of ​​Japan on New Year’s morning local time, according to the South Korean military.

And on New Year’s Eve, three bots were launched over the sea. The robot tests have become a symptom of last year, when tensions rose on the Korean peninsula.

Even before the New Year’s weekend exams, Pyongyang has conducted more than 70 robot tests during the year.

I apologise

The latest tests took place the same week the country flew drones over South Korea. It was a wake-up call for Seoul, whose air defenses had failed to shoot anyone down, even though one of the drones reached the northern suburbs of the capital. This led to the South Korean military publicly apologizing for the lapses, which is rare.

South Korea responded by sending its own drones across the border into the North, and this week held a military exercise simulating shooting down drones. On Friday, Seoul tested a rocket intended to launch an observation satellite into orbit. Today, South Korea relies on US satellites to monitor its neighbor to the north.

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