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Final Fantasy XVI has a new trailer almost ready, coming soon

Final Fantasy XVI has a new trailer almost ready, coming soon

At the end of last month the product Final Fantasy XVINaoki Yoshida revealed that the game is already in its final production stages. This time, Mr. Yoshida decided to share another interesting news.

On the pages of the last issue UT . warehouse An interview with this producer and Yusuke Saito (producer of the NieR series) is included. Yoshida has reiterated that new details about Final Fantasy XVI will be released this spring, as he has promised players in the past. However, spring is still going on, and another trailer for this upcoming production is “almost ready” and will appear “soon”.


Mr. Yoshida added that a new Final Fantasy XVI teaser should come out now, but it had to slip a bit for some reasons. So let’s hope the video comes out in May.

game world

Share Final Fantasy XVI It will be located in a land called Valistea, which is covered with ascending crystals known as Mothercrystals. While it is a source of prosperity for the locals, it also lays the foundation for many interstate wars such as the Grand Duchy of Rosaria, the Holy Empire of Sunbrick, the Waloid Kingdom, the Dalmician Republic and the Iron Kingdom.

Fantasy scheme and heroes

The main character in the game Final Fantasy XVI There will be Clive Rosefield, the eldest son of the Archduke of the Duchy of Rosaria. He is one of the strongest warriors on Earth, and his nickname is “The First Shield of Rosaria”. Clive will be tasked with protecting his younger brother, Joshua, who has been described as “Lord of the Phoenix.”

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Rulers are unique people in which magical creatures, called Eikonami, live. They can summon a specific creature, thus tearing down the entire kingdom on Earth. Thanks to their power, rulers gain power and recognition of the people. Clive will meet many people like his brother on his way. Although Clive was to become the “carrier” of the Phoenix, his brother was chosen for the position. Joshua shares his magical power with Clive, thanks to which the protagonist will gain special abilities. Jill and Eric, coming from the northern regions, will become the brothers’ companion.

embolden Final Fantasy XVI It’s currently heading to the PlayStation 5 console, and additional information about that production will be revealed later this spring.

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