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Finns concerned about Russian border plans: 'raises historical memories'

Finns concerned about Russian border plans: 'raises historical memories'

Russia wants to change the maritime borders with Finland and Lithuania. This meant that the seas that were now Finnish and Lithuanian were defined as Russian. The data comes from Moscow Times Which refers to a draft government document. The document was later deleted.

According to Magnus Swanljung, the natural Finnish reaction to any provocation should not be provoked. This is the position adopted by all politicians, including the president.

“Quiet disc,” says Alexander Stubb, as he usually does, as Magnus Swanljung says.

Classic Russian tactics

Lieutenant Colonel Joachim Pasikevi believes that the move from Russia is a kind of test. This is something that Russia has exploited before on the border with Estonia and on the occupied territories in Georgia.

There, they literally moved the fence during the night to expand the area, Pasekevi says.

– Above all, you want to create uncertainty. There is no paperwork on what the limit is. An uncertain situation creates reactions that you can watch and then decide what to press next.

Concern among residents

Although Finnish politicians urged calm, this did not entirely succeed. Residents were upset by the result.

-When a hostile neighboring country wants to change its borders, it doesn't look good. It brings back historical memories,” Swanljung says

The Finnish social debate has changed too, hear more in the video above.

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