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Putin wants Åland and Gotland – “I'm sure”

President of Russia Russian President Vladimir Putin He wants to occupy both Jutland and Öland. This is what the Supreme Commander of Sweden and Commander of the country's armed forces says, Michael Bidenin an interview with her German media company RND.

When asked if Putin had “an eye on Gotland,” Biden responded:

“Yes, I'm sure he had his eyes on Gotland. Putin's goal is to gain control of the Baltic Sea. He probably has his sights set on Öland as well.”

The interview took place on Tuesday. Later that day, Russian state-controlled media reported that the Russian government had plans to unilaterally redraw the borders in the Baltic Sea so that areas that had belonged to Finland and Lithuania would become Russia's. Thus, Biden had almost no such information when he spoke for RND.

Biden spoke before the news about Russian plans to redraw the maritime borders in the Gulf of Finland. A picture of the Aspo Island archipelago.

Biden stresses that the West must stand firm against Russia so that the Baltic Sea does not become “Putin's game plan” where NATO members live in fear.