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Fire up the Peaky Blinders group: 100 firefighters in action!

Fire up the Peaky Blinders group: 100 firefighters in action!

A fire destroyed an old textile factory that was considered a coveted movie set. also “Peaky Blinders” and “Downton Abbey” It was filmed there.

A devastating fire broke out at the former Dalton Mills textile mill in the British town of Keighley on March 3. The building served as a collection of historical series and film projects and was, among other things, the backdrop for Downton Abbey And the “Lean Masks”.

Peaky Blinders and Downton Abbey: Fire destroys a historical movie set!

According to British media reports, more than 100 firefighters participated in putting out the flames. More than 20 vehicles are said to have been in operation. The responsible fire brigade of the West Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service has reported conditions at the site during the firefighting work, sharing videos and photos via social media. They give an idea of ​​the extent of the destruction. The effect of the fire on the entire building.

The last update was on Thursday evening. She added that the fire was contained. It is currently unknown whether people have been infected, nor how high the damage is.

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Dalton Mills was built in 1869 and is said to have been the largest textile mill in historic Yorkshire. It is said that more than 2,000 people worked there at that time.