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Firefighters on strike in Spain – shooting police officers

Published on 2023-10-23 23.12

A firefighters’ strike in Spain has been completely derailed.

Films show firefighters clashing with police and shooting.

Several people were taken to hospital.

Regional firefighters in Galicia have been on strike since June to seek better collective agreements.

– Solution! Poor firefighters, never again! chanted 200 people gathered at a demonstration Monday in Ourense.

Reports say the gunmen then clashed with local police ABC Galician.

Footage from the scene shows firefighters spraying flames and trying to storm the municipal building while police respond with batons and shields.

They also threw paint on the facade of the building and burned tires in the city center, according to what the source said Country.

Several people were injured in the chaos and some were taken to hospital with broken cheekbones and noses.

If their demands are not heard, firefighters are threatening to take “more serious action,” the ABC reported.

He could go on a hunger strike

Firefighter Angel Moldes Garcia says they are willing to camp in public places or even go on hunger strike until they are heard.

The chaos in Ourense is the latest planned mobilization by striking firefighters. They are expected to strike again in La Coruña on October 27. After that, Lugo awaits October 31st.

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