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LOT uruchomił loty z Krakowa do Nowego Jorku - Newark

Flights from Krakow to New York. LOT Polish Airlines has launched a new connection

2022-06-04 15:30

2022-06-04 15:30

LOT has launched flights from Krakow to New York - Newark

LOT Polish Airlines on Saturday opened transatlantic flights on the route from Krakow to Newark Airport in New York. “The launch of this connection puts us in the network of traditional overhead links,” assessed Infrastructure Minister Andrzej Adamczyk.

On Saturday, the first LOT Boeing 787 Dreamliner from Newark Airport in New York landed at Krakow Airport. Flights from Krakow to this airport resumed after 11 years.

According to Catarzina Pescors, member of the Corporate Affairs Board of PLL LOT, departures from the US will take place on Fridays, and vice versa, the plane will depart on Saturdays.

“We are very pleased that today we are resuming transatlantic connectivity to Newark, so that PLL LOT passengers, the majority of whom are Malopolska residents, can now fly directly to New York on our plane” – noted the representative of the carrier.

The connection is currently scheduled for the summer season, but the company hopes it will be popular and will also stay on the winter schedule.

And Infrastructure Minister Andrej Adamczyk, who was present at Saturday’s salute to the plane from New York, assessed that “the launch of this connection brings us closer to other regions, new continents, and is part of the traditional air communications network, the regions in which until now were dominated by carriers.” The big one.”

“We do not have complexes, we want to develop them, as evidenced not only by the expansion of Krakow Airport, but also the launch of new communications. We want to be part of the well-connected world of aviation, which is of particular importance in the post-pandemic period, after a time when transportation has suffered air more than others,” Adamczyk told reporters.

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The minister said that communications from the capital, Malopolska, to New York open a communication corridor for tourists from the American continent. “It is also a clear signal for business – we invite you here, you can work here, you can work and decide where economic projects will be implemented,” emphasized the head of the Ministry of Infrastructure.

The head of Krakow Airport, Radosław Włoszek, expressed the hope that the new transatlantic connection would contribute to rebuilding an important part of the economy of the capital of Malopolska and the whole region, which is tourism, including business and conference tourism.

He stressed that “New York is a very important commercial, cultural and social center in the world, so we are very pleased to open this connection.”

Krakow Airport is the second largest airport in Poland by number of passengers and the largest regional airport. Last year, the airport handled nearly 3.1 million passengers. A year ago, they numbered nearly 2.6 million people. In 2019 – the last year before the pandemic – more than 8.4 million passengers used the port’s services.

The current summer schedule of Krakow Airport includes 43 flights to 99 cities in 33 countries. They are served by 20 lines – traditional and low-cost carriers (PAP).

Author: Rafael Gerzeb

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