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Football news – Sterling leaves Manchester City after 7 years – sports

International Football News – After 7 years: Sterling leaves Manchester City – Sport – SRF

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England: Sterling turns his back on Manchester

Raheem Sterling announced his departure from Manchester in a video statement. The Man City representative posted a post on his social media with the caption: “Seven seasons, eleven cups and a life of memories: what a journey!” It is not yet known where the 27-year-old’s journey will continue. But various news agencies have linked Sterling to London’s Chelsea.

Spain: Barcelona brings Brazilian winger Rafinha

Barcelona is about to sign the wanted winger Ravenha. As announced by the Catalan team, a basic agreement has been reached with Leeds United regarding the transfer of the nine-time national player from Brazil. The 25-year-old must still pass a medical exam before the transfer can be completed. According to media reports, the South American player will sign a contract in Spain for a transfer fee of 55 million euros until 2027.

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