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Former board member of Emipek, on board

Former board member of Emipek, on board

Shimon Pogalski is on the Supervisory Board of

The Supervisory Board of has appointed Szymon Bujalski, the current member of the Board of Directors of Empik SA.

For 10 years, Szymon Bujalski held the position of Director of the Procurement and Sales Department, as well as a Board Member and Vice President of Komputronik SA, and was responsible for the fields of Logistics and Marketing. For the past 6 years, he has been associated with Empik SA, where he was also co-responsible on behalf of the Board of Directors for the digital transformation of a landmark brand with 70 years of history. Szymon co-created, among other things, Empik Go – the first business to subscribe to the Empik Group, which gives customers access to the largest audio and e-book database, Empik Tickets and Empik Foto. He has also implemented the Empik Premium program and the Empik Premium Pay & Go service. However, the most important project implemented by Szymon was to create a marketplace on and create a buying platform that covers 16 categories.
Szymon Bujalski was also responsible for rebranding BuyVIP shopping club to Markafoni and reorganizing He also held the position of Head of Retail Division at Allegro Group.

He is a graduate of the MBA from the University of Gdansk and the Agricultural Academy. August Cieszkowski in Poznan. Its strengths are negotiation and management, marketing and sales strategy, and logistics (with a special focus on logistics
E-Commerce). Szymon Bujalski was appointed to the Supervisory Board of SA on May 14, 2021

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