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Fortnite is officially disappearing from China

Fortnite is officially disappearing from China

We would like to remind you that a beta version of Fortnite appeared in China three years ago, and the game was never fully released. Problems of this kind exist because the game requires government approval to sell virtual items in China at all, and every year The licensing process was getting more and more difficult.

Now, from November 1 this year. users They can no longer sign in or download FortniteAnd on November 15 this year. The game servers are officially closed. No reason has been given in theory, but it is likely that this is exactly the government’s demands – especially in light of China’s increasing pressure on game and electronics developers.

Recall that the Chinese Cyberspace Administration recently provided details of the new law on access to restricted websites and Internet services, ie VPN. China has also wanted to start tech companies for some time – the government is looking at algorithms implemented by companies that run, among other things, social media.

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