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Fortnite: Relive the final event of Chapter 2 here | YouTube Live | See online | full video | viral | SPORTS-PLAY

Were you able to connect to servers It is an electronic game? usually when Epic Games Summon Battle Royale players around the world to an event, disrupt games. Faced with this situation, the company shares everything via YouTube and Twitch.

Because you missed the final event of Chapter 2, here we tell you everything that happened. At first, the cube appeared on the map, while the queen of the pyramid fought the players.

Corruption opened several portals from which giant beings emerged that attacked everything within reach. Oddly enough, it was the cube that defended the players, until it was finally destroyed.

This is when the story began. Jones is captured by a secret organization and Dwayne Johnson comes to his rescue. While the map was being invaded by these giant beings, they all had to escape through the bottom of the stage.

The amazing thing will happen later, as the map is turned into a coin, thus revealing a new chapter 3 scenario. With this, Season 8 ends and Fortnite enters a moment of hiatus, as the next patch is being prepared.

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