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GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, a promising release

GTA: The Trilogy – The Definitive Edition, a promising release

GTA: The Trilogy – Ultimate EditionIt promises to be something very cool for the games it includes, however, it would be hard to recommend it in its current state.

Mexico City, December 5 (however). – Grand Theft Auto It not only represents one of the biggest franchises in video game history, but has also become a cult game, a game that is growing generation after generation with some very specific delivery and this in its most emblematic year GTA: Vice City And GTA San Andreas They have become the favorite games of many fans of the saga who, to this day, have witnessed the various evolution and growth of the franchise.

The delivery that had been speculated during some parts of the year, finally became official in November, with a release initially digital and then in physical form, it was all emotion and happiness, until it started playing. The main issue in this version is related to technical issues, although they have been remastered GTA: IIIAnd GTA: Vice City And GTA San Andreas Where the core of each game remains the same; The graphics, display and optimization of the new consoles and PC have undergone noticeable improvements that may cause some controversy, because while it is not a drastic change to the 3D models of the game, we can say that it is aesthetically better than the way it was originally delivered. However, when a product is not launched with good performance, it tends to cause general unease within the followers and specifically in the epic. Grand Theft Auto And even more so in the games that this trilogy includes, this kind of action becomes unforgivable.

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The graphics performance compared to its original version is amazing. Photo: GTA: The Trilogy

Speaking of the games that are included in this collection, both GTA: III How do GTA: Vice CitizenAnd they are the clearest examples that the passing of the years gives us reason to enjoy the evolution that the franchises have experienced, not because they have become bad games, but because the mechanics change with the passing of deliveries and from the nostalgia of returning to Liberty City or Vice City, with this graphical improvement, it’s something you enjoy seeing And just explore it, as long as you grew up with these versions and stick to the sense of nostalgia, or else you’ll probably need to run backwards. to me Grand Theft Auto V / Online.

The graphic performance compared to its original version is amazing, not only because of the action or rework that was made on the texture of the game, but because of the performance provided by the action scenes, especially when many events occur on the screen or the constant movement of our character whether on foot or in the car, all This is possible thanks to the addition of Unreal Engine 4 as a new graphics engine which is simply a very important change if we talk from the original experience to this remastering, but we can say that this section is one of the highlights of each of the installments in this trilogy and does a very good job in certain aspects Although it is not so good in other aspects, such as remote effects in certain scenarios, where the little work done can be very obvious, for the design of the characters trying to keep their original appearance slightly improved and with high-quality textures, which will not convince more than one as it seems Like 50/50. In addition, we have a cleaner interface in the menus and thanks to the capabilities and advances in technology over the years, games are performing better than ever.

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Now, the bugs or “bugs” part is a debate that can take different positions, the first being to highlight that in the weeks since its release in digital form, the game has received many updates that improve some aspects, however, it is still far away. About reaching the necessary optimization, so the gaming experience is the most affected and on some occasions become practically unplayable because the elements necessary for progression or the physics of the game simply do not show that they do not want you to progress and a restart will be required.

Grand Theft Auto has become a cult game. Photo: GTA: The Trilogy

It is worth noting that at the time of writing this review the issue is known and the company has committed to improving the experience with the various updates, but it is a path that is just starting and it will take a few weeks or possibly months ahead. Fully optimized for the experience you deserve.

GTA: The Trilogy – Ultimate EditionIt promises to be something very cool for the games it includes, however, it would be hard to recommend it in its current state, the best option would be to wait a little longer for the updates necessary to enjoy three very worthwhile games.