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Fortnite: Update 19.40 with new features

Fortnite: Update 19.40 with new features

Update 19.40 is available for download for Fortnite. The new patch follows a downtime: The Battle Royale shooter servers were temporarily offline this morning. Meanwhile they have The developer has released patch notes – Hence the details of variants and innovations. Wait this time “Spider-Man and Action” as Wild Week upon you. Between March 1 at 3:00 PM and March 8 at 2:59 PM you can play Spider-Mans The island’s pure shooters are also in chests Find. In addition, jump fields are taken out of the bunker, which throws you into the air. You can secure additional experience points by completing the current Wild Week quests.

What’s new in voice chat

With the Fortnite 19.40 update, Voice chat in crook mode expanded. Rough voice chat is now used here, allowing you to only listen to players who are close to your character. “As before, the voice chat is separate between players who have already been eliminated and players who are still alive. Agents and scammers share the voice chat. Eliminated players can no longer communicate with surviving players, but they can still Hearing them and the like went on all the drama,” the developers shared.