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Fortuna 1 Liga: Puszcza Niepołomice lost at home to Widzew Łódź

وودód players had their first chance to open the score of this match. Bowie Zelensky stood face to face with Gabriel Kopelak. The forest ranger came out of this duel with a defensive hand. One of Widzew’s players tried to put his team ahead with a rebound, but the defender from Niepołomice parried a powerful shot.

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Less than a quarter of an hour before the end of the first half, Lodz scored a goal. After a cross into the penalty area, Nowak headed the ball. While firing this shot, the defender hit his head with Tomas Vucinovic. Paramedics should have appeared in the field. After a while, both players are back in the game. The hosts could not find an answer to the good match of their opponents at the moment of going down to the dressing room.

After the break, Forest tried to equalize. One of Niepołomice’s top players was Emile Thiakane. The Senegalese were the driving force behind many of the hosts’ offensive operations. He also showed good dribbling, after which he made an accurate shot at the goal of Jakob Rippel.

Bartosz Vlodarczyk had the opportunity to score. The 27-year-old midfielder showed a good shot from distance. However, the visiting team’s goalkeeper hit the ball over the goal line.

A few minutes before the end of the match, Ivan Hladik saw a red card for a foul on the opponent in his penalty area. The judge immediately pointed to the eleventh meter. Paweł Tomczyk came close to playing a consistent part of the game. Kopelak hit the ball and hit the post. One of Widzew’s players wanted to finish the ball, but his shot was not on target. After a while, the referee ended the meeting.

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Niepołomice Forest – Widzew ódź 0: 1 (0: 1)
Goal: Nowak 32

Niepołomice Forest: Gabriel Kopilak – Eric Sykos (80. Sebastian Gursky), Tomasz Wojcinovic, Oxiej Ditiatjyo, Ivan Hladek, Marcel Piecek (46. Grzegorz Aftyka) – Rafai Bogoski (46. Simon Haag Kopušaven) (73. Piotr Mroziński), Bartosz – Bartosz WłÉ Thiakane

Widzio Lodz: Jakub Wrąbel – Pawe Zieliński, Tomasz Dejewski, Krystian Nowak, Daniel Tanżyna, Patryk Stępiński (88. Michał Grudniewski) – Karol Danielak (78. Pawe Tomczyk), Marek Hanousek, Juliusz Letniowski (64. Patrick Muchac) – Bartósz (78. Casper Karasik)

yellow cards: Dytiatjew, Kobusiński – Hanusk

red card: Hladik (90, for a tactical foul)

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