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Fouad Youssef: This is how you will tangle the document with President Joe Biden

Fouad Youssef: This is how you will tangle the document with President Joe Biden

On Monday, lawyers for President Joe Biden said a “small number” of classified documents were found in a Washington office where Joe Biden was in charge of a think tank until 2019.

The findings were made on November 2 of last year in connection with office cleaning by Joe Biden’s staff, and the documents are supposed to be from his time as vice president in the 2009-2019 Barack Obama administration.

According to an official statement from the White House, the National Archives was notified immediately after it was found. It is the institution charged with preserving these types of documents.

Trump attacked

About a dozen documents among the documents found related to intelligence on Ukraine, Iran and Great Britain, according to a source. CNN.

The Department of Justice is now ready to investigate the matter.

In 2022, Donald Trump is raided by the FBI. He still had documents that he should have turned in when he resigned as President, and then an investigation into lack of document management was opened against him.

– Now the Republicans are asking why they didn’t raid Joe Biden too, says Fouad Youssef.

New documents must be found

During reports Wednesday evening NBC News That Joe Biden’s staff found more classified documents elsewhere. The White House has not yet commented on the outcome.

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