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Andreas Norlin was elected Speaker of Parliament

Re-election after closed vote for Julia Kronlid (SD) – three votes lost

Andreas Norlin (Man) is now elected President of the Swedish Riksdag.

The vote for the second deputy speaker of the House of Representatives was even more dramatic as right-wing candidate Julia Kronled (SD) did not receive a majority of the vote.

But after the second vote, it is now clear that she will take the position.

Norleen was nominated by the M Ulf Christerson leader’s government background, and is also supported by the opposition.

Group M leader Tobias Bellstrom justified the nomination, among other things, because Norlin enjoyed broad confidence across party lines.

Norlin’s selection was without drama and met with applause. There was more drama around the election of the second deputy speaker of the House of Representatives there Julia Kronlid It was expected to be voted on.

The wing: a role model for women

Julia Kronled (SD) ran for Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament SD, M, KD and L. The election was held in a closed vote where Riksdag members are allowed to take to the podium and place coupons in the Riksdag ballot box.

When the votes were counted, no candidate received a majority of the votes. Julia Kronlid received 173 votes out of a total of 348 votes. Forty-nine deputies voted for Janine Alm Erickson, and 126 voted blankly.

Andreas Norlin (Man) was voted for President.
Andreas Norlin (Man) was voted for President.

Ballot papers are arranged before the first vote by the second vice-chairman of the council
Ballot papers are arranged before the first vote by the second vice-chairman of the council

After re-election, it is now clear that Julia Kronlid will take over as second vice president. Of the 347 members who took part in the vote, 174 voted for Julia Kronlid. So I got the majority.

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When Henrik Vinge, the leader of the SD group at the Riksdag, justified Kronlide’s election, I was in tears.

– Julia’s competence, merits and character make her very suitable for this task, as he said, among other things, in his speech at the Riksdag.

Combining many challenging and responsible tasks in the service of democracy and her role as a mother to many children, Julia has also been a role model for many women.

Criticism: wants to limit the right to abortion

Kronled’s candidacy received heavy criticism from the Center Party, the Left Party and the Green Party. C announced before the election that they would vote blank, while V and MP voted for MP candidate Janine Alm Erickson for the position.

Green Party leader Annika Hirvonen said, among other things, that Kronlide wants to restrict the right to abortion, something that the SD member has previously received criticism. She talked about Poland and how the right to abortion was abolished there:

The right to abortion there was abolished step by step. Julia Kronlid says she wants to take such a step.

Kronlid herself says she has previously defended her party’s previous line about the 12-week limit and has written suggestions for lowering the abortion limit. But she is now behind the Swedish legalization of abortion.

Kenneth J. Forslund (south) was indiscriminately elected First Deputy Speaker of the Swedish Riksdag. Forslund was nominated by the Social Democrats.

The Riksdag voted for the third deputy speaker of Parliament three times before Kristen Lundgren (centre) was elected to the position.

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