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The unexpected news: The tax on plastic bags will remain

The unexpected news: The tax on plastic bags will remain

The Green Party is often blamed for the plastic bag tax, but in fact it was the Liberals who demanded the introduction of the tax in connection with the January agreement struck after the 2018 elections.

Since then, she has been widely criticized, not least by right-wing parties.

When the new government now presents its budget for 2023, the tax remains.

Just a few days ago, Liberal Party leader Johann Persson said his party is not behind it:

“” Uh. number. It was very cleverly designed by the Souss government after 2019 and the JÖ agreement (January Agreement) is reasonable with environmental taxes but not in this way,” he wrote on Twitter.

Nobody wants to say why

Newspaper Express I tried to get information from the four right-wing parties – but the answers were not forthcoming.

Neither side wanted to explain why the controversial tax was included in the budget.

Well, that’s a good question, says Christian Democrat economic policy spokesman Hans Ecklind to Expressen.

The tax is expected to bring 595 million kroner into state coffers in 2023. But it can be difficult because the tax has missed the mark in the past. In 2020, it would have made 2.1 billion – but real income fell at 174 million crowns, according to Expressen.

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