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Found a mass grave with more than 200 indigenous children

Kamloop’s Indian Residential School was built in 1890 and was once the largest of the more than 100 religious boarding schools, which were part of the now-canceled school system in Canada. In 1996, the last school was closed, and thus the system that had been mandatory in the country for more than a hundred years was also closed.

An estimated 150,000 children from various Canadian Aboriginal groups are said to have been placed in schools against their will. According to a report from 2015, there have been systematic physical and sexual assaults in schools, with the aim of depriving children of their language and traditions, according to Reuters reports.

The report states that more than 4,000 children died during school hours, but this should not include the 215 children who were recently found in the fenced-off area where Kamloops Indian Residential School is located.

The discovery was made with the help of Special radar capable of scanning underground according to Statement from Tk’emlups te Secwepemc, One of the largest indigenous groups in British Columbia.

Group leader Rosanne Casimir says they have knowledge of the remains that can be confirmed now, but still have “more questions than answers.”

– This is an unimaginable loss that was talked about but not documented, she says.

The country’s prime minister is Justin Trudeau He writes on Twitter that this discovery is “heartbreaking” and “a reminder of this dark and shameful chapter in the history of our country.”

Tk’emlups te Secwepemc, along with forensic doctors and state investigators, will now investigate the mass grave in an effort to find out more about what happened to the children. A broader investigation of the events will take place within a month.

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