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Poland's Duda plans to veto the new media move

Poland's Duda plans to veto the new media move

The newly formed center-right government led by Prime Minister Donald Tusk has decided to restructure the country's state media. This week, the directors and managers of state broadcasters and the PAP news agency were dismissed.

According to the Tusk government, this measure was necessary to restore independent media in Poland.

But the move has raised Poles' eyebrows because responsibility since the dismissal of the old administration has passed to the newly appointed administration of the country's Ministry of Culture, the Associated Press news agency reported.

Advertising and non-monetary

For a long time, the populist and nationalist AKP controlled media reporting through loyal corporate executives, to the point where reporting was described as purely propagandistic and uncritical of power.

The right-wing nationalist Duda is in a close alliance with the former ruling Law and Justice Party, which ruled the country for the past eight years.

The president has the right to veto legislation, and can propose his own legislation. Duda remains in office for another year and a half, and his veto is an early sign of the difficulties Tusk is likely to face as he rolls out his proposed legislative changes.

The president's veto can be overridden by a three-fifths majority in the lower house of the National Assembly, but the coalition led by Donald Tusk has only 248 seats out of 460.

“Shame happy birthday.”

“There can be no approval for this given the blatant violation of the Constitution and the principles of the democratic rule of law. Public media must first be rebuilt in a reliable and legal way,” Duda wrote on X while announcing his planned veto of the draft resolution. Saturday.

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Prime Minister Donald Tusk responded on the same platform:

“Shame on you. Merry Christmas, Mr. President. I assure those affected: We will handle it.”