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The strange details when Donald Trump spoke |  the world

The strange details when Donald Trump spoke | the world

Earlier this week, former US President Donald Trump addressed cameras at the luxury Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida.

But it wasn't what the former president said next that caught attention, but rather various details that Trump had under his boots, according to reports. The Independent.

Trump appeared to be standing on two black boards with the balls of his feet.

On the X, many users are now wondering what these panels are for.

One theory being floated is that it will prevent Trump from leaning forward when he stands and speaks. The newspaper wrote that Trump was previously seen leaning forward when speaking to the media.

Trump's shoes mock DeSantis

Earlier last winter, Donald Trump came out and mocked Republican presidential candidate Ron DeSantis over his choice of shoes, The Hill wrote.

In a speech in New Hampshire, Trump assured supporters that he did not wear insoles in his shoes and did not have high heels — an apparent jab at DeSantis, who has been surrounded by such allegations.

Later during a speech in Florida, he called DeSanti's boots “cowboy boots.”

“I thought he was wearing roller skates,” Trump said at the time.

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