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Frank Erichsen (Bonderöven) in the SVT series: a lock in a robotic lawn mower

Frank Eriksen’s SVT Series Tip: Lock the robotic lawn mower

Welcome Frank
Frank “One Hundred Percent Farmer” Eriksen welcomes weeds and takes on a bug rescue mission in the small Danish town of Horring.

Leave control and forget about cutting short lawns. And most importantly, lock the automatic lawn mower.

This is the advice of famous Danish farmer Frank Eriksen to the townspeople in Hjørring in the new TV series “Give Us Nature” on SVT.

It has become a symbol of perfection but utterly destructive, says Frank Eriksen.

In four episodes, viewers can follow a biological experiment commissioned by the municipal administration and biologists in Hjørring, Jutland. The task is to see if it is possible to increase the biodiversity of the city – in just one year. The project is led by the profile of the well-known farmer Frank Eriksen, which viewers have been able to follow on the “One Hundred Percent Farmer” since 2008.

Robotic lawn mowers will be the biggest challenge that gets people to stop. If you want a dead garden, you should get one. It’s become a symbol of perfection but utterly devastating, says Frank Eriksen, shaking his head when he visited a homeowner in Hjørring on the first program.

Frank has a plan: He will urge Hjörring’s farmers to give up arable land to create more wild nature.

Specialized Factories

Bees and summer butterflies keep an entire ecosystem going without us even thinking about it. Some wildflowers are so specialized that they can only be pollinated by a certain type of insect, if those insects disappeared, and that particular flower disappeared, viewers were told.

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Frank believes there are two ways to increase diversity in the long run.

One way is for politicians to make effective decisions to rent out more natural green spaces. By making your garden your own and changing your way of life a little, you can create a more stable and lasting change, says Eriksen in an interview with Our Nature.

In nature, you’ll never find bare, bare soil like in perfect flowerbeds without weeds. Where are the flowers? Frank asks himself when he visits Hjørringbo before the change.

Increase diversity

The people in Hjørring seem a bit imitated, but everyone, the entire city is involved in the experience of trying to increase diversity.

A visit to the park management in Hjørring begins with slight suspicion among the staff. But when Frank talks about how bad things are with diversity, he instills courage in the staff, who are immediately involved in the change of municipal areas.

like the desert

– It is very important to be a part of making room for more prosperous areas in your city. He says looking at open municipal spaces is like looking at the desert. True as it was said.

Frank Eriksen.

In the program, viewers learn how the park’s management removed the short lawns in the roundabouts and turned them into vast areas with flowering wild oases.

Biologists hope that the diversity of bees, flower flies, flies and butterflies will increase significantly when the project ends after one year. How it goes, viewers can catch ‘Back Us Nature’, which airs every Tuesday on SVT1 until November 9.

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I Denmark The 14th season of the popular show “One Hundred Percent Farmer” began broadcasting in May.

The series revolves around how Frank and his family attempt to achieve self-sufficiency on their farm northeast of Aarhus in Jutland. In Danish, the program is called “Bonderøven,” roughly meaning Bonnläppen in Swedish. But now Frank Eriksen is tired of the name and the last season is simply called “Frank and Kastanegarden”.

Robotic lawn mowers at work on the lawn.