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The message: Steve Bannon can be punished

The decision was unanimous when the committee investigating the January 6 storming of the Capitol decided earlier this year, Sweden time, that Donald Trump’s former chief strategist, Steve Bannon, should be punished for not wanting to participate in the investigation.

The reason is that Bannon refused to appear before the interrogations to which he was summoned.

— The House of Representatives must find that Steve K. Bannon defied Congress when he refused to follow through on the committee’s call to investigate the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol, the impulse when Republican Congressman Liz Cheney read the resolution.

The investigation, launched by Democrats, aims to clarify Donald Trump’s possible links to the storm.

As Trump’s former chief strategist, and one of his closest aides during his first term in power, Steve Bannon’s alleged connections to Storm are seen as of particular interest to the investigation.

She had extensive prior information.

According to the commission’s investigation, it appears that Steve Bannon had extensive prior information about the January 6 plans. Liz Cheney says he may have played an important role in making these plans.

Bannon was in the management center at the Willard Hotel on January 6. She added that he also appears to have had deep knowledge of the president’s attempt to sell the fraud to millions of Americans that the election had been stolen.

The resolution means there will be a vote in the House of Representatives, where the Democrats hold power. The case is then sent to the Department of Justice, which in turn will decide whether to conduct a further investigation against Bannon.

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There are documents

– It’s Congressional Democrats who want to know if there is binding evidence that Donald Trump was in any way involved in planning the storming of Congress, or any of his staff, says US SVT reporter Stefan Osberg at Morgonstudion.

Democrats believe that the fact that Trump is doing everything to prevent his staff from coming to these hearings, and working extensively to ensure that documents related to the days approaching January 6 are not released, constitutes information that may link him to this event, he says.