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North Korea is said to have tested a robot from a submarine

The South Korean military said on Tuesday that it indicated that North Korea had launched a ballistic missile from the country’s east coast. It was said to have taken place at Sinpo, where North Korea has submarines and equipment to test launches of ballistic missiles from submarines.

Japan also stated that it had observed ostensibly weapons testing.

Tuesday evening Swedish time, North Korea’s official news agency reported that the country conducted a test-fire of a robot from the same submarine that the military conducted a test-fire using an older type of robot in 2016.

Judging by the images released by KCNA, the latest robot is thinner than previous submarine-launched robots. This means that more robots – albeit with a shorter range – can be loaded onto a submarine, according to analysts.

KCNA mentions it The new type of ballistic missile based on submarines will significantly contribute to bringing the country’s defense technology to a high level and “improving the operational capability of the underwater sea”.

Recently, firing tests from North Korea have increased. On Tuesday, the country tested a ballistic robot, which was then the eighth test this year.

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