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Frenzy will produce an international simracing competition with a prize pool of €20,000. Sport

The competition will be held on Sunday, November 28, 2021 from 2 pm to 4 pm. The international broadcast will be produced in English and delivered to more than 60 countries via international television and broadcasting platform ESTV. Polish simracing fans will be able to follow the official competition competition side.

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Competition Frenzy will produce the competition in a modern studio in Warsaw of 500 square meters, equipped with 24 automatic camera systems, four-track independent camera stabilization system, GrandMA lighting, Xpression graphic system, Mira automation system, 5-meter camera, 4-meter automatic slider, computer system Intended for esports games, center sights and stands for parsers and wheels.

“It is a great honor for us and an opportunity to emphasize our production capabilities. Supporting such a prestigious event expands our specialization in e-sports and is another step in Frenzy’s international expansion. I am convinced that productions from our Warsaw studio will raise global standards for transmission simulation.” – says Frenzy’s managing director, Marcin Keeler.

Ireland’s Digital Motorsports, the tournament’s organizer and promoter, joins ESE Entertainment. The main sponsor of the event is G2A, moreover, the event is supported by the recognized brands related to both gaming and simracing: Corsair Gaming, Fanatec, Sim-Lab Products, Cube Controls and Cubic System. The official technology partner responsible for coordinating the online race will be ADAC – general German cars club The largest European automobile association. The total prize pool is 20,000 euros. The winner will receive a prize of 10,000 euros, the title of digital motorsport champion and a prestigious trophy, the second place winner will receive 2,500 euros, and the third – 1,000 euros. In addition, the top three contenders will receive a simulation platform from Qubic System.

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“When I first walked into the studio in Frenzy, I knew our company had found its new home. Frenzy has state-of-the-art infrastructure and an experienced manufacturing team. This event will be a huge step forward not only for digital motorsports, but for everyone else,” said Niall Maher, Founder and President. Executive Director of Digital Motorsports, The Simracing Community. Towards a professional and established discipline in motorsports that is truly digital. I am excited and genuinely pleased to be working with Team Frenzy on this historic event.

Competitors will compete on the iRacing platform, currently most popular in simulation, and will be behind Porsche’s virtual controls. 911 GT3 (992). 33 hybrid drivers will participate in the final race in a 30-minute race at Silverstone. 27 players will compete online and 6 drivers from the Warsaw studio. Polish fans will surely be delighted that all the drivers from the studio are citizens who took part in the Polish Championship at Porsche Polska-sponsored Digital Motorsport, which ended in October.

Among the Polish drivers, there will be, among others, the top three MPDM riders, the two-time Polish champion – Dominik Blager, Vice Champion and Second Vice Champion of Poland – Maciej Minik and Mateusz Oczak, and the starting list will be completed by Misha Rak, Mateusz Nogag and Jakub Maciejewski.

The competition promises to be very exciting due to the participation of the best iRacing drivers led by the Porsche eSports Cup champion Sebastian Job, and ADAC GT Masters Series champion – Moritz Lohner. The competition will also include representatives of the best simulated organizations: Coanda Simsport, Team Redline and Williams Esports.

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