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fresh or expensive |  Isabella Loewengrip

fresh or expensive | Isabella Loewengrip

Yesterday, after we got off the schooner, we rented a car. We were driving from Dubrovnik to Split. I had such a weird feeling in my body out of nowhere. I closed my eyes and tried to analyze it and finally came to this idea which I wrote on Instagram during a post:

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“If someone had told me as a teenager that I was going to live in the moment, I would have been floating on clouds. I remember when I was in seventh grade, I had blow-dried my hair to look cute when I started middle school in Fassa Real. During that time, I kept thinking that maybe I wouldn’t be done.” Kiss me never in my life. An idea that surely startled many at that age. I remember asking my mother about it, “Do you think I will have a boyfriend someday?” The mother replied, “Isabella, I can promise you that you will have a boyfriend. Trust me”.

So I wanted to send this photo of the teenage Isabella:

Look here Bella, here you are in a car on a road trip in Croatia with a guy who just proposed to you on a boat at sunset.

Your favorite husband is with you as you sit and laugh in the car to a bad podcast. You have been kissed to life! My mom was right! “


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You know what always amazes me when we’re in Croatia? That everything is very clean. This is what petrol stations look like. The toilets in the same place look like they are in a new hotel. If you are driving in Italy you want to avoid visits to the toilets at gas stations as much as possible, there are not even toilet rings.

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Croatia has always been somewhat of an identity to me, but after my second visit to the country, I can say that the country has gorgeous turquoise sea and dramatic environments. The food is incredible, we have been eating seafood for a week now. And how incredibly clean the country is.

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There is an oyster village called Stone located between Dubrovnik and Split. Go there and have lunch if you are in the car!

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Arrived in Split! We arrive at the Ambasador Hotel, which is located at the end of the promenade. Notice the change in style. From the “natural sailing girl” to the high heels, the expensive swimsuit, the leopard print dress and the sun hat. I said it to Paul in the elevator on the way to the rooftop terrace, joking “Here comes your Russian wife”.

I have always had an inner identity crisis that has lasted my entire life. Do I want to look fresh, radiant, and glamorous like an archipelago or do I want to look like a fancy slanted first lady. Dress me in monochromatic white or beige, shiny blow-dried hair and expensive accessories.

I think most of the time I end up somewhere in the middle.

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Great view from the hotel’s rooftop terrace.

We’re going to make the most of this day because we’re going home tomorrow. I woke up so depressed because I missed the kids, thinking the loss would always be at its worst the day before.

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