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Police robots patrol Singapore airport

Police robots patrol Singapore airport

Police robots will be used by the Singapore Police Agency and two are already operational at the airport.

2023-06-25 – 10:00

Police robots patrol Singapore airport

Photo: Singapore Police

In more and more countries, the police are becoming increasingly reliant on technology, with surveillance cameras, drones, and automatic cameras in patrol cars. But in Singapore, they’ve taken it a step further with patrolling robots. The experiments have already been going on for five years and the robots have been deployed at a festival already in 2018.

The robots are as tall as a human and can be used to maintain roadblocks or warn the public until human police officers can get to the scene.

They are equipped with cameras, sensors, speakers, monitor, warning lights and sirens and must be able to carry out independent patrols. It must also be able to be used by the police to communicate directly with the public. The airport robots have 360-degree cameras that give the police in the control room a good overview of the situation.

In a demonstration earlier this month, it was shown how the robot detected a man who left a bag and walked away. She then secured the site while human officers arrested the suspect.

The integration of bots enhances the operational efficiency and capabilities of our frontline officers, enabling them to be more effective in their duties, Lim Kye Wei Police Chief.

source. The Straits Times

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