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Frida Carlson will do Nils van der Poel after the Olympics

Swedish cross-country skiers are back home in Sweden after spending more than a month traveling, first at high-altitude camps in Italy and then in the Chinese Olympic bubble.

Ebba Anderson was relieved when she landed in Arlanda late Monday night, after the national team’s cross-country plane was stopped from landing on Swedish soil and forced back toward Oslo.

Anderson went long during the Olympics on the final day for a medal in the three-mile race, but extreme weather conditions crushed the Swede who drove alone for large parts of the race – leaving the chasing group in the final stages of the race.

It’s one of the biggest disappointments I’ve had so far in my career. I’ve had injuries and the like, but when it comes to a particular race.

How do you feel about the race now?

– Still disappointing but I don’t cry when I think of misery anymore, that phase has passed. It’s just nibbling a sour apple, it’s part of the sport and as I wrote, life goes on eventually.

The relay bronze medalist’s plan is to compete again this weekend when the World Cup begins again in Lahti.

– It wasn’t that you lowered the incentive after the three miles were up.

mingling around the character

Jonah Sundling arrived at the arrival hall with three medals in her bag. Gold from the individual race, silver from the sprint relay, and bronze from the long relay.

– I’m actually nauseous because I had my first Olympics like this. It was something I had only dreamed of before. Sundling says it’s great that this has become a reality.

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That Sundling was able to win medals in the sprint was no big surprise, but the 27-year-old also stood out for an impressive relay effort, clearly being the fastest at her distance, and finishing fourth in the three. -Tendency.

– It was quite a shock because I was able to perform at longer distances. This is something I have sought to improve on the long run.

Would you consider investing differently in the future and running more distance races?

– Absolutely. I’m an all-around skater, especially when I’m in great shape. It’s something I’m striving for, it’s fun to see you evolve.

Ebba Anderson has previously expressed some annoyance about her union status as a “net distance skater”.

– She said I just want to be a skater to Aftonbladet.

Do you recognize yourself in that, Jonah?

– Yes. You may have obtained this enemy seal. I guess I’m more inclusive anyway, because I’m a bit of a hybrid myself.

Frida Carlson got off to a rough start at the Olympics, fully recovering from demanding skating and never recovering. The national team management made the decision to allow the Swedes to stand for the last three miles until “you are satisfied with a further recovery”.

Frida: “He will make Niels van der Poel”

The 22-year-old has been selected to compete in the World Cup finals in Lahti, but has not yet decided whether to start.

– I’ll do some tests and see if I’m on the right track, and if I’m going to drive. Now you are a little tired but soon you will be back on your feet.

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What will be critical in those tests?

– I just want to find the basic shape again, I feel like I’m finding it well.

When Frida Carlson was asked to take off the mouthguard for her photo shoot, she couldn’t hide her satisfaction. Olympians wore mouth guards for most of their waking hours in China, with the exception of time spent in competition rinks.

– I really want to get rid of this!

Nils van der Poel burned his mouth guard when he came home, would you do something similar?

– Yes, it is enough to make Niels van der Poel.

Strange mood after question

Listen to Sundling’s answer when asked about the three miles