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From today, we will take a new section of the A1 motorway to the seaside شاطئ

From today, we will take a new section of the A1 motorway to the seaside شاطئ

The section delivered will not be a direct extension of the already existing concrete road. It will appear between the cities of Norbertów and Parzniewice (Lodz Province), approximately 7 km of concrete road already in use. This arrangement results from making and handing over to use individual sections of organizational issues.

The A1 motorway – new sections that will end the era of gaming

According to the contractor’s announcement, the all-concrete Eastern Road will be available during the summer holidays. Another 4 km section to the south, of the existing concrete road, is scheduled to be commissioned at the beginning of July this year. The next two kilometers, the last section south to the contract border in Kamiesk, until the end of July this year

The missing 6.7 km part will be used in mid-August. Thus, the old road, the so-called “little games” will go down in history, and drivers will have a new concrete surface at their disposal throughout the 64-kilometer section of the A1 under construction in Lodz.

A hole in a hole, that is, where are the worst roads in Poland

It should be noted, however, that a 1 + 1 traffic system will be in effect in the Piotrków Trybunalski-Kamieńsk section by autumn, i.e. one lane towards لودód and one towards Katowice. On October 1, the 2 + 2 system – two lanes in both directions, will be introduced.

Gierkowka. From Jerik to Jerik

Game building near KoziegłowyGame building near Koziegłowy picture. Bogdan Kolakowski

The name of the first Polish highway built from start to finish, that is, in another place, connecting Warsaw with Katowice, comes from its creator – Eduard Gerek, first secretary of the Central Committee of the Polish United Workers Party. He was born in the village of Borebka (today Sosnovich district), lived in Katowice and wanted to travel quickly and comfortably from his homeland to the capital. Neither Warsaw nor Fiat were produced under license, but the state Mercedes. So he ordered the construction of a double carriageway, a two-lane road, which was completed in October 1976. On this holiday, the famous road will go down in history.

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