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Full moon in April 2022. What is a pink full moon?

Full moon in April 2022. What is a pink full moon?

We can see the full moon in the sky regularly every 29.5 days. Each of them has its own name, which comes from, among other things, the names of plants, animals or the prevailing weather.

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Pink full moon. Where does the name April full moon come from?

This year’s pink full moon falls on April 16, with a peak at 20:57. If you plan to enjoy the fullness, we would like to remind you that it will be best to see it outside the city, where the illumination of buildings or roads will not interfere with the view. Where does the name April full moon come from?

Although at first glance it may seem that the name of the pink full moon comes from the color of the moon’s disk, it is not related to the color of the natural satellite of the Earth, but to the color of the phlox flowers that then bloom in North America. . As the portal explains National-geographic.plIn other cultures, fullness is called fish, eggs, or sprouted grass.

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Bader names. Check out the names that the full moon has every month – the list

Here is a list of all 12 full moons:

  • January: Full wolf moon.
  • February: full snow moon.
  • March: full moon.
  • April: Pink full moon.
  • May: full lunar Venus.
  • June: Strawberry full moon.
  • July: The full moon of the goats is completed.
  • August: Sturgeon full moon.
  • September: Full Harvest Moon.
  • October: Full moon for hunters.
  • November: Full beaver moon.
  • December: full moon.
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