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Funny Chicharrón Run trailer sets the mood for release

Ubisoft has released a new trailer for the Far Cry 6 shooter, which focuses not on hero/heroine Dani Rojas or dictator Anton Castillo – but on a punk fighting rooster wreaking havoc on the streets of Yarra. Of course, wild chickens will also appear in the final game.

In the new Far Cry 6 trailer…

Far Cry 6… take care of chickens …

Far Cry 6…to much chaos

The funny “Chicharrón Run” clip begins with the CGI sequence in which we are introduced to the fighting rooster Chicharrón. Scrabble chickens look totally threatened by their barbed collars, but they still don’t feel like a fight with a specific person and would rather run away. While escaping from Castillo’s henchmen, the rooster passes several other characters in the game and ends up on Danny’s hood.

When Far Cry 6 goes on sale on October 7, 2021, players can once again count on the active support of human and animal helpers during missions. Unsurprisingly, the latter also includes the evil rooster Chicharon.

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