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Amazon, Epic Games, Apple and Android will also be in the default Microsoft Store

Microsoft has been striving to win back the audience lost in the past 10 years. Picture: Windows 11

Although in recent months the Windows 11 project has been dubbed Microsoft’s most important innovation strategy in the past five years, it is undeniable that there are many tools that the tech company has promoted recently that also deserve to be recognized.

One of them is the Microsoft Store, the default store, although at one point it was rejected by users Currently, it has become one of the most relevant software in the Microsoft ecosystem.

With the latest updates made to this ‘a store‘, the company founded by Bill Gates decided to give it a new look, leaving aside competition or hostility and allowing, even, Competitors like Apple or Google (with Android) host their apps in this store.

However, not satisfied with this, they pointed out from Microsoft that not only large companies will not be built in Windows which gives an unprecedented boost to small developers who want and can embed their applications or software in the Store.

“Today, the world needs a more open platform, one that allows applications to become platforms in their own right (…) Windows is a platform where you can make things bigger than WindowsMicrosoft CEO Satya Nadella said, ensuring that this new store promises to be a place where new technology will always have a place, whether from well-known developers or not.

For his part, Giorgio Sardo, general manager of the Microsoft Store, confirmed that since mid-June hundreds of developers have shown interest in this new way of seeing Windows, so they decided to enroll in its preview program to be able to include applications. From the desktop of your virtual store.

Photo: Microsoft
Photo: Microsoft

Like any other app, Third-party storefront apps will have a product detail page that can be found by searching or navigatingSo users can easily find and install it with the same confidence as any other app in the Microsoft Store on Windows,” Sardo added.

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However, the news did not stop there. Microsoft CEO reported that as of September 28 Amazon and Epic Games will bring demo apps to the Microsoft Store It is expected that this store will be a front for many other third-party applications that, unlike in the past, should not share their profits with Microsoft.

“Our commitment to being an ‘open platform store’ is not just about the different technical underpinnings of how apps are built. It’s also about making sure our terms of trade are fair and help foster innovation. For example, Microsoft Store on Windows no longer requires app developers to share revenue with MicrosoftWhen apps manage their own payment systems in the app,” Sardo noted in his text.

Finally, he noted that just as Amazon and Epic Games will be coming to its store, so too will Android with its apps and games, which can be experienced on mobile devices running this operating system. Although this novelty is currently only available to Windows Insiders (the platform that allows you to download beta versions of Windows), it is expected that soon all Microsoft users will be able to rely on this update, both consumers and app developers.

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