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Trick to change the WhatsApp logo – El Financiero

Trick to change the WhatsApp logo – El Financiero

Start 2022 with the latest fashion… Technology. Here we tell you how to change the WhatsApp logo from green and white to gold with black.

First, you should know that this is not a scam, but an option available to Android users who have the messaging app.

We also tell you that if you perform this operation, the interface of your device will change. You will notice the modifications in the menus.

Step by step on how to change WhatsApp logo.

The first step is easy. Find a gold-colored image for the logo. It is better to search for a file and download it in .png format; However, any format will do.

Once you have the image, you have to go to the Google Play Store and search for the Nova Launcher app.

This step is important, because this application will allow you to change the WhatsApp logo.

Once you have downloaded and installed the app, you have to open it and click “Accept” when the program asks for your permissions.

It is also important that you set Nova Launcher as your default interface.

When you are done with these steps, find the WhatsApp application and hold down its icon for several seconds, until you realize that your device menu has changed.

Choose the “Modify” option and then go to the Applications option, where you have to select the folder where you saved the logo you downloaded earlier.

Set the image to the desired size and click “Accept”.

Once this procedure is done, you will see the WhatsApp logo change color.

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Another feature that Nova LAuncher offers is that you can also customize icons for other apps, such as Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Best Features of WhatsApp

After controversy in early 2021 over its terms of use, WhatsApp has rebuilt the road and implemented new functionality for its users.

Here are some of the changes the app has implemented this year.

Conference Calls: This year the option is enabled for someone to join the conference call, regardless of whether they weren’t there from the start.

Multi-device operation: Finally it was possible to use more than one device simultaneously without our phone having to be connected to the internet. Although at the moment you can only connect one phone at a time, it looks like we will soon get an update in this regard.

Encrypted Backups: Fortunately, your iCloud and Google Drive backups are now encrypted so that only you can access their content.

What do we expect for 2022?

These are some of the new functions that WhatsApp can implement in the following months:

Multi-device support to use more than one phone at the same time.

An iPad version and a native app for Android tablets.

Explore and buy nearby: This option is already under testing, and it will allow you to explore businesses near you so that you can talk to them later through the app and see their catalog to buy a product.