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How to get the latest Tomb Raider trilogy for PC for free?

The Tomb Raider trilogy will be a gift from Epic Games.

world news the gamesAnd that’s because Epic Games offers Lara Croft’s Trilogy as the last free game of the year. Now comes with Tomb rider It’s called the “Ultimate Survivor Trilogy”. It was included in it Tomb Raider: Game of the Year Edition, Rise of the Tomb Raider: A 20-Year Celebration and Shadow of the Tomb Raider: Definitive Edition.

This was in full swing during those two weeks in which the company has dedicated several games. The difference with the rest is that games Tomb rider They will be available to be redeemed for free until January 6th. Also note that once you purchase the games, they will stay in your library forever.

Simply enter the default platform of Epic Games, go to the “Store” tab and at the bottom you will see the game advertisement with the “Claim” option.

This new trilogy from Lara Croft promises dozens of hours of epic action-packed adventures as you pass the island of Yamatai, off the coast of Japan. Then you will be cruising through the harsh weather conditions of the Siberian tundra. Finally, you will pass through the mountainous landscape of Peru.

On October 25, 1996, a new video game from . appeared Sega Saturn titled Tomb rider. However, its impact was noticed a few weeks later, when it landed in the US and extended its reach into the hands of the first PlayStation. The title contains all the elements needed to become apparent, even though it was close to being completely different.

Tomb rider
Tomb rider

What’s new in FORTNITE

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the Tweet posted HYPEX, the famous content maker, ensures that the company is working on this LTM. Incorporating the new method (or, in fact, withdrawing it) would represent a testing phase for evaluating reception and whether the address could survive in the absence of one of its basic mechanisms.

HYPEX considered that the arrival of the movement’Legendary and slidingFrom Spiderman, which allows sliding and swinging, could be a solution that would accompany the rhythm of the game well without the resource of building defenses, plus they would need to reduce the damage received by the environment so that it is more difficult to destroy and natural cover.

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