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G7 condemns the killings in Tigray | Currently Africa | D.W.

The G7 has condemned alleged human rights abuses in Ethiopia. Commenting on the clashes in the Tigre region in the north of the country, G7 Foreign Ministers and EU Foreign Minister Joseph Borel said: “We condemn the killing of civilians, sexual and gender-based violence, arbitrary bombings and the displacement of civilians. They demanded that the acquisition take place “quickly, unconditionally and in a verifiable manner.”

The study called on ministers in Germany, France, Italy, Japan, Canada, Great Britain and the United States to adhere to “the greatest possible control” of the conflict and to allow unrestricted humanitarian access. At the same time, they express their concern about “growing food insecurity”. There were “emergency conditions” over large areas of the center and east of Tigray.

Admission after a long denial

Four months after heavy fighting in Tigris ended, Ethiopian Prime Minister Abi Ahmed announced the withdrawal of Eritrean armed forces from the region. Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International have leveled serious allegations against Eritrean troops. The Ethiopian Human Rights Commission (EHRC) said they carried out the massacre. Ethiopia has long denied the presence of neighboring soldiers in Tigray. Abi admitted this a week ago.

Tens of thousands flee clashes in Sudan (archive)

In early November, the Ethiopian army launched an offensive against the People’s Liberation Front DPLF, which until then had ruled Tigre. A good three weeks later, Abe announced the capture of the regional capital, McClellan, and the end of military action. UN According to the emergency agency OCHA, about 60,000 people fled the violence in Tigray to neighboring Sudan; More than 500,000 people are fleeing into Ethiopia.

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