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Gaza was bombed after rockets were fired

An Israeli F-35 fighter jet.  Photo taken in a different context.  Photo gallery.
An Israeli F-35 fighter jet. Photo taken in a different context. Photo gallery.

Israel bombed the Gaza Strip shortly after launching missiles from there into Israeli territory. In addition, the promise of a work permit for more Palestinians was withdrawn.

According to the IDF, the fighter jets targeted a military facility belonging to the Islamist Hamas movement.

The Israeli army said that “the military facility consists of an underground complex that contains raw materials used in the manufacture of missiles.”

The army added that the attack was in response to “attacks from the Gaza Strip on Israeli territory.” In addition, 1,500 new permits for Palestinians to work in Israel have been frozen, Cogat, who is responsible for coordinating Israeli activities in the Palestinian territories, announced.

During the night, a total of four missiles were fired towards Israel on two occasions. According to Israel, one of the rockets was launched and the other three rockets landed in an uninhabited area. Alarm rockets sounded in southern Israel, including in the city of Ashkelon.

On Friday, US President Joe Biden visited the occupied West Bank, where he met Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas. On Thursday, Biden met Israeli Prime Minister Yair Lapid. Among other things, the United States will provide more support for Palestinian refugees and health care organizations, after that assistance was thwarted under former President Donald Trump.